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Controls: Mouse (Point & Click style) and Keyboard (Smash that thing down!!!)


Made for the Ludum Date 50

This is mostly a point and click where the player has to balance their happiness and stress level while completing their work before the deadline. 

Team : 

HenriForShort : Programming -twitter.com/henriforshort

Tahira Curreno : Textures & Illustrations - twitter.com/kizupixels/media - instagram.com/3.5kizu - artstation.com/kizu

Jean-Loup Didelot : Music & SFX - instagram.com/doctorjedd

Lucas Princé : 3D Art - artstation.com/lucasprince

Based on Tahira's life


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so sweet

Very lovely!


Super cute and fun!
Exactly what happen to me for each game jam