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Its fun but when i got like 10 nofis i think everything went down hill



my game just kinda froze after i got the 1% battery notif, was that on purpose?

i will die a virgin damn

me t

Ending status im doing for no reason ending one my plant died

ending two virgin

ending three horse

ending four lost my dog


hehe i kill catus YEE

the bitch was annoying as FUCK

fun! though when it had the notification to water the cactus I couldn't turn it off or the 20% battery and it was really annoying and I have to keep refreshing the page. 

me playing this game while checking my phone irl: There The Same...But Also Different!


Fun but there was a constant notification for 'call mom' that made the game freeze.

Nice game ! It was fun


i got so overwhelmed i got the virgin ending


same ! its a lot at once but its interesting at least!

Good game. Game froze after I looked at that anonymous guy, but ima guess thats on purpose



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where can i download the game?

this game is fantastic!

Real fun X3

It was fun to play :) Felt like real life sometimes!

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! Do you think you will come out with more games like this in the future? Or have anything planed?


The notifications SPAM it's real!!


Thanks a lot for playing! :D

And... now I'm happy I don't touch my phone ever


Hahaha yeah these things are crazy nowadays :) Stay away from that thing while you can!


Cool game! I had a bug though:

'TypeError: b is undefined' in the console. Call stack: "next, onEnter, cc.Class.extend/e.value</<, _performRecursive, setNextScene, drawScene, mainLoop, b"

We're investigating! Thank you for reporting! Could you tell us which browser (and version) you are using and if you have add-ons that may interfere such as noscript, adblock, smartref, etc?


I have Firefox 57.0.1 for Ubuntu 64bits, with adblock and ghostery extensions.


Great game!


Thanks a lot for playing! :)


No, thank *you* for making it!


Super funny but it made me never want to be social again lmao

Thank you very much and sorry for the trauma :'( We hope you can enjoy your DM's once again someday :o


Very fun game :D

Thank you very much! :D